National Education Framework: Make it modern for new world

Yesterday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stressed the importance of modernizing the national education system to keep up with the technologically driven competitive world.

This was while she was watching a PowerPoint presentation about the outline of the "National Education Framework" at Gono Bhaban.

The outline was prepared by the Ministry of Education.

Hasina stated that technology is rapidly changing and Bangladesh must keep up with it. Bangladesh's education system should be appropriate for the times.

She mentioned that the education system is being updated in line with government policy. She said Bangladesh should not be left behind, as science, technology, and knowledge are constantly evolving around the globe.

Yesterday's presentation was well received by her. She said that the measures highlighted were there to make academic activities more appealing to students, as well as teaching them about life and livelihood.

Hasina regretted the closure of educational institutions for over a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but online education continued during this time.

She stated that the children were denied access to academic life and learning environments in schools and colleges.

The premier expressed hope that the situation would improve with the reopening the educational institutions.

She stated that pre-primary education was introduced by the government to encourage children to attend school through amusement and games.

She called Bangladesh a country of rivers and canals and swamps. Accordingly, the government is building schools and colleges in the country to reflect this reality.

She also said that necessary steps were taken to construct roads and paths to the villages' schools to facilitate communication between students.

Hasina stated that children were not interested in science education in the past and her government established 12 science and technology universities to encourage them to study science.

She also said that the government established universities in the country that specialize in certain subjects.

Concerning primary education, the PM stated that the government had nationalized primary schools and given the greatest importance to technical education in line with the footsteps of Bangabandhu Shiikh Mujibur Rahman.


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